Why choose solar solutions from Q CELLS? Exploit an independent source of energy

Rely on the power of the sun

Of the 500 billion kWh of electrical energy consumed annually around two-thirds is used in industrial plants for the production of goods and services. With ever increasing electricity prices this is a significant cost factor. The sun is a source of energy that is freely available for anyone. Ask for a consultation: We will be pleased to show how we use solar energy to make your business more profitable.

Trust the technology leader

With Hanwha Q CELLS as your trading partner you have Europe's largest manufacturer of solar panels at your side. Hanwha Q CELLS combines the claim of technology leading quality of Q CELLS with the financial strength of the worldwide established Hanwha Group.

  • Reduced electricity costs ... every kilowatt hour you produce no longer has to be purchased at a high tariff from your energy supplier, giving you independence and reducing your operating costs permanently.    
  • Viability ...  while electricity prices continue to rise, your solar system is always working at the same cost. This means that your savings in operating costs and the pay-back on your solar system increase year after year.   
  • Increase the value of business premises ... as the energy balance has a significant impact on the value of a property. A solar system is a key argument in the valuation of your property. 
  • Greater return ... because the solar solution of Q CELLS is a long term, secure and profitable investment for your business.  
  • Independence ... because energy from the sun is unlimited and free to everyone. With high power outputs you become independent of rising energy costs.

  • Sustainable environmental protection ... because with your own solar system you gain renewable clean power: as a solar power generator your company makes a socially responsible contribution to protecting the environment and sustainability. 

Model calculation

Electricity generated per year

~90000 kWh
Savings in electricity costs11.610 €
Electricity costs saved (45000 kWh x 0,145 €/kWh)6.525 €
Feed-in rebate (45000 kWh x 0,113  €/kWh)5.085 €

This is a model calculation with the following assumptions. Personal situations may differ.

Location: Central Germany
Current price: €0.17/kWh
Electricity price increase per year: 3%
EEG surcharge on personal consumption: € 0.025/kWh
Feed-in tariff (August 2014): € 0.113 /kWh

As of August 2014. Subject to change without notice.
All details are without guarantee. The conditions and regulations may change.

Trust Q CELLS solar modules

We are the largest photovoltaic supplier in Europe. This was recently confirmed by the "Top Brand PV Modules 2014" seal of approval for Europe by EuPD Research Institute.

Certificates and Awards

You demand the highest quality

With the aim to be the technology leader, we offer you proven, premium quality photovoltaic solutions at the best price-performance ratio, for long-term high power output and low power costs.

Certified quality for your energy independence

Q.ANTUM Technology

Come rain or shine: as a result of the Q.ANTUM technology innovation, Q CELLS solar panels achieve maximum photovoltaic output under real, day to day conditions.

Learn more about Q.ANTUM

100% tested

Without compromise: we test all the products under very harsh conditions, exceeding all current industry standards.

Our test criteria

economical = ecological 3 Strong Partners

Prisma Neue Energie is dedicated to securing the future of business operations through predictable, calculated power costs.

"I have decided to go ahead with the plant as a secure and economically viable power supply will make us much more independent and competitive. In addition to the savings in operating costs, we reduce the burden on the environment and secure this location. Prisma is recognised as a solid partner noted for quick implementation, but I must say I was very pleasantly surprised."

Plant details:

Total power output:46,3 kWp
Return:39000 kWh per year 
Internal consumption:27000 kWh from the PV system
CO₂ savings: 23 tons
Construction time:2 days without disturbing the production
Cost of producing electricity: < 0,10 Euro 

Installed in just 10 days

Warehouse Jessen in Germany: The roof system was installed in a few days on two warehouse roofs. The self-generated electricity is used on site.

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annual savings of AU$26,000

Barossa Vintners: The 90 kWp Q.PRO-G2 system will result annual savings of AU$26,000 in energy and maintenance costs. 

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Reduction of 10 tonnes CO2

Davos Congress Centre in Switzerland: The rooftop system generates enough energy to reduce CO2 emissions by 10 tonnes annually.

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Engineered in Germany

As a photovoltaic manufacturer Q CELLS engineers its solar modules so that you gain maximum power output even in reduced ambient light conditions.

Trust the technology of Q CELLS

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