Reference Solar Systems Consumer Reports

  • Potsdam, Germany
  • Toyooka-City, Japan
  • Dorking, Great Britain
  • Mermaid Beach, Australia
  • Ingolstadt, Germany

Potsdam Germany

Application Private rooftop solar system
Installed power output 8.46 kWp
Date of completion February 2011
Modules Q.PRO

The first step to the energy transition and independent power supply. This PV rooftop system provides electricity for a family in Potsdam. A separate solar heat system takes care of the warm water.

Toyooka-City Japan

Application Private rooftop solar system
Installed power output 3 kWp
Date of completion 2013
Modules Q.PEAK BLK 250

This rooftop solar system in Japan was installed in 2013 and provides 3 kWp through its aesthetic Q.PEAK BLK solar modules. This solar system provides enough electricity per year to cover the energy consumption of a 3-person-household.

Dorking Great Britain

Application Private rooftop system
Installed power output 2.8 kWp
Date of completion December 2011
Modules Q.PEAK

The PV system south of London allows a maximum utilisation of the sun energy. The rooftop modules face south as well as west.

“We have quite a small roof and needed PV modules with highest possible yield. Therefore, the high performance and quality were the main deciding factors for Q.PEAK modules. We don’t regret that decision.”
Photovoltaic report by Laura Woodhouse, independent energy producer.

Mermaid Beach Australia

Application Residential rooftop
Installed power output 20.64 kWp
Date of completion 2011
Modules Q.PRO 240 Wp

This is one of the largest rooftop solar installations on a residential home in Australia. Installed by Propa! based on the Gold Coast, 86 Q.PRO solar panels now provide green power to this beautiful family home on Mermaid Beach.

Ingolstadt Germany

Application Private rooftop system
Installed power output 5.56 kWp
Date of completion July 2011
Modules Q.PRO

This rooftop solar system in the sunny southern Germany achieved a performance ratio of 89 % in 2011 – perfect for own use as well as feed-in.


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