How smart are you up top? Your own home. Your own power. Simply reduce electricity costs.

Reduce your electricity cost with solar systems by Hanwha Q CELLS

For the cost conscious. For environmentalists. For energy pioneers. Put your trust in Q CELLS technology . Whether a practical complete package or a tailor-made photovoltaic solution you can make long term savings on electricity costs in your home. With Hanwha Q CELLS solar solutions you get guaranteed quality and a solar system that matches your needs.

Become independent from rising electricity prices

Photovoltaics make it all possible

  • Make sustainable reductions to your electricity costs
  • Become independent from rising electricity prices
  • Increase the value of your property
  • Help protecting the environment and your community
  • Make an active contribution to energy transition

Discover all advantages

Your own solar power system has a lot to offer

The amount of savings depends on several factors such as the size and orientation of your roof regarding the sun, the level of private consumption and the feed-in rate. A concrete example shows you how much you can save with a photovoltaic system for your home. Gain independency from rising electricity prices - Your Home. Your Own Solar System.

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Quality underpins your solar output

We want to be sure you achieve maximum power output from your solar system year after year and effectively reduce electricity costs. This is why more than 200 scientists and engineers are employed in research at Hanwha Q CELLS. As a result, our polycrystalline solar modules have proven - in the PHOTON output test 2013 - to have the highest module output worldwide and therefore deliver optimal performance even under a cloudy sky.

Q CELLS solar for good reasons

Smart up top in 4 steps

The route to electricity independency is easy and straight forward. We support you right from the beginning on your way to your own solar system. Together with our specialist partners, we install your photovoltaic system quickly and securely on your roof.

It's as simple as that: Solar power in 4 steps

Photovoltaic systems matching your needs

Our partner offers tailor-made photovoltaic solutions with Q CELLS premium modules. Reduce your electricity costs by generating your own power using the sun's energy.

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"My electricity bills have bothered me for a long time. And we have already had to make savings all round. But with the Q CELLS solar system I can once again cut my lawn every few days to a perfect English garden height of one inch without feeling guilty. "

Plant details:

Application:Private rooftop system
Installed power output9,88 kWp
ModulesQ.Peak Modules with 260 Wp


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