Reference Solar Systems Commercial & Industrial

  • Warehouse, Jessen, Germany
  • Genio Meccanica Wullschleger Group, Tessin, Switzerland
  • Davos Congress Center und Hallenbad, Davos, Switzerland
  • Winery Barossa Vintners, Barossa Valley SA, Australia

Warehouse with 1 MWp Jessen, Germany

Application C&I rooftop solar system
Installed power output 1 MWp
Date of completion November 2012
Modules 4000 x Q.PRO-G2

This Q.FLAT industrial solar system was installed on two large industrial roofs in 10 days only. Q.FLAT was designed by Q CELLS to get the maximum revenue out of flat roofs. For example, the system does not need roof penetration, hence keeps the installation costs low. Proven by the unbeatable low electricity production costs.

The electricity will be used directly on-the-spot. "Local energy utilisation is growing more an more important", says Mr. Huber, CEO of the project planning and operation company Sunovis GmbH. The energy transition era has just begun.

Geniomeccanica SA, Wullschleger Group Ticino, Switzerland

Application C&I rooftop solar system
Installed power output 450 kWp
Date of completion September 2013
Modules Q.PRO-G3

The largest commercial solar plant in the Swiss canton of Ticino has been built with Q CELLS solar modules. The EPC contractor More Engineering planned and executed the 450 KWp photovoltaic rooftop project for Geniomeccanica SA, a precision mechanics company of the Wullschleger Group. The solar roof with 1,810 Q.PRO-G3 solar modules supplies 110 households with clean energy. After a period of just six weeks the installation was completed and connected to the grid.

Davos Congress Center & indoor swimming pool Davos, Switzerland

Application C&I rooftop solar system
Installed power output 340 kWp
Date of completion Q4 2013
Modules Q.PEAK 275 Wp

Hanwha Q CELLS supports the “Greener Davos” initiative by the municipality of Davos and the World Economic Forum by sponsoring its high efficiency Q.PEAK-G3 275 Wp modules for a 340 kWp industrial solar system on the rooftop of the Davos Congress Center and the adjoining swimming pool “eau-lá-lá”. The installation of the photovoltaic system’s first section, consisting of around 640 solar modules with a maximum output of 175 kWp, has now been completed on the rooftop of the Davos Congress Center and connected to the grid. The solar roof installation of the modules was completed just before the first snowfall in November 2013. Right after the Q CELLS solar modules had been delivered, a helicopter took them to the rooftop of the Davos Congress Center and within another two days all modules had been installed and wired to the grid. The second section of the 340 kWp PV system will be installed on the rooftop of the Davos indoor swimming pool.

Barossa Vintners Barossa Valley SA, Australia

Application Commercial rooftop
Installed power output 90 kWp
Date of completion June 2013
Modules Q.PRO-G2

Barossa Vintners does not only utilise the sun to grow grapes for its famous wines, but also to harness its energy to produce clean electricity. The 90 kWp Q.PRO-G2 imdustrial solar system reduce s the winery’s carbon emissions by 22% and  will result in annual savings of AU$26,000 in energy and maintenance costs. Installed by The Solar Project from South Australia, installation received dollar for dollar funding from AusIndustry through the Clean Tech Food and Foundries Investment Program. The solar roof is truly a landmark project for South Australian wineries and will hopefully encourage other wineries and the broader food and beverage sector to pursue energy-efficient business practices through clean energy supply.

Engineered in Germany

As a photovoltaic manufacturer, Q CELLS engineers its award winning and certified solar modules in Germany. We guarantee maximum output even in ambient light conditions.

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