Conserving resources and the environment

In order to make sustainable economic activity a reality, it is essential to incorporate environmental and social considerations into business calculations.

The principle of sustainability integrates seamlessly into Hanwha's strategy of qualitative growth and also takes priority at Hanwha Q CELLS. This is guaranteed by policies such as the implementation of an environmental and energy management system. Comprehensive implementation and an integrated vision of sustainability are still in their infancy as a corporate model but they allow companies to save costs, increase profits and achieve market leadership.

Sustainability is competitive

In Germany, it is already possible to use green electricity on an industrial scale at competitive prices. Production at its Thalheim plant is powered exclusively by renewable energy sources. The company has managed to reduce CO2 emissions by 90 percent at its German production sites compared with 2008.

Hanwha Q CELLS aims to ensure transparency when describing the impact that its solar cell and solar module manufacture has on the environment. In 2011, a project was launched to produce life-cycle assessments for our products. Main indicators are the carbon footprint and the energy payback time. The datas will be updated on a yearly base.

Life-cycle assessment

It is our aim to check business activities systematically for possible environmental risks and vulnerabilities and identify potential for optimisation.

Efficient environmental controlling

Processes in environmental protection can also be measured and managed. Hanwha Q CELLS regularly analyses environmentally relevant data and costs to produce benchmarks that demonstrates the company's environmental efficiency. Such analyses focus on the entire value creation chain involved in the production of a solar cell or module and encompasses the assessment of whole systems. For Hanwha Q CELLS, environmental controlling begins with sustainable procurement and ends with the recycling of end products.

The input-output analysis summarises the annual flow of our main materials. Data is reviewed on a monthly basis to detect any impact on the environment in good time and increase the standard of the environmental protection on site.

Energy- and resource management

The basis for efficient energy and resource management is a transparent database. The instruments to provide such a database consist of environmental controlling and our process monitoring system, introduced in 2011. Energy analyses based on these data are carried out on a continuous basis and used to identify saving potentials. After an internal evaluation, our specialists enter the findings into different targets and actions.


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