Why Hanwha Q CELLS?

We are creating the future of solar energy. Therefore, we are looking for a variety of personalities from diverse disciplines of various ages.

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We have achieved a lot, but that’s not enough. We are backing motivated employees that want to change something and who take the initiative.


It’s our goal to make starting out as smooth as possible for new employees and to pave the wave for advancement within the company. 
That is why we attach great importance to initial training and personnel development.

Integration process – New employees in a company usually have many questions. Where do we come from? Where are we now? Where do we want to be? Our management personnel assist in the introduction process. They arrange an integration plan, outline the most important aspects of the job, and appoint a mentor to help the new employee to become better oriented in the new environment and to give tips on how to make it easier to quickly find one’s way around the world of Hanwha Q CELLS. 

Personnel development
 – We support our employees: With in-house and external advanced training offerings and various career programs, we help our employees develop the skills they need. We thus succeed in expanding our in-house expertise while promoting individual Development opportunities. Our teachers and instructors use their many years of experience to offer our employees a high level of advanced professional training. 

 – We offer apprenticeships in several state-recognized chemical, technological, and sales professions. With 2,500 sqm of space and 10 professional departments, the Hanwha Q CELLS Training Center (QTC) provides optimal conditions for a successful apprenticeship.


Hanwha Q CELLS features an attractive compensation system in line with international standards that ensures salaries are commensurate with the market. 
Flexible work hours, fully furnished, barrier-free offices, and a collegial work environment are additional benefits. 

– Of course, a good salary is also important: Hanwha Q CELLS provides an internationally commensurate compensation system. Each position in the company is dictated by a salary structure in line with market standards. Compensation combines a fixed portion with a flexible portion that is related to achieving certain goals.

And that’s not all
 – Interesting jobs in a collegial work environment with consistent communication and information, flexible work hours, and 30 days paid vacation per calendar year, as well as fully equipped, barrier-free offices and conference rooms and a parking garage.


Our shuttle service to and from the Bitterfeld train station makes it easy for employees to get to work. 
Our comprehensive healthcare services are widely used and highly valued by many of our employees.

Shuttle service
 – For easy and environmentally friendly access to our Solar Valley headquarters, even for employees who live further away, we offer a shuttle service to and from the Bitterfeld-Wolfen train station. 

Healthcare services
 – Our company provides in-house occupational medical services – coordinated with external specialists and organized with assistance from the Siemens-BKK healthcare promotion campaign – that tend to employees’ medical concerns while at work.
• Medical checkups
• Flu shots
• Volunteer blood donation
• Travel medicine consultation and immunization
• Massage service
• Special services as part of health awareness days, such as skin cancer precautions, intraocular pressure tests, back checkups, and nutritional advice.

– We are pleased to announce that our cafeteria was awarded the JOB&FIT Certificate by the German Nutrition Society (Deutsche Gesellschaft für Ernährung e.V. / DGE). This certificate is reserved for company cafeterias that, after a successful review, fulfill the quality criteria pertaining to procured foodstuffs, menu planning, and food preparation, as well as atmosphere. The cafeteria is open for our employees from 7AM to 7PM and is subsidized by the company.


A good work environment, social safeguarding, and the compatibility of career and family are important to us. 
Therefore, at Hanwha Q CELLS we offer a range of employee benefits that are far above standard, making us one of the most attractive employers in the region. 

Occupational pension plan
 – We want you to feel secure in old age as well: Together with our dependable partner, we assist you by way of deferred compensation, attractive group policies, and a financial contribution. 

Accident insurance
 – With our accident insurance policy, employees at Hanwha Q CELLS are insured around the clock in their professional and private lives, anywhere in the world. 

 – The compatibility of family and career is important to us. In cooperation with the city of Sandersdorf-Brehna, the “Glückspilz” daycare center was built. This integrative facility combines two essential aspects of childcare: Children need a loving, responsive, and stimulating environment, while parents need a dependable and competent team of childcare workers and suitable operating hours. Both aspects were part of our concept from the beginning. As a regional solar energy company, we provided and installed the 21 KW photovoltaic system on the roof of the daycare center. The power generated is fed directly into the public grid.

Relocation service – A new job is usually a big step: new colleagues, new city, new surroundings. With our relocation service, Hanwha Q CELLS makes it easier for new employees to get off to a good start in their new environment.


We assume responsibility. For our environment, customers, employees and shareholders.



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