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Do you already have professional experience and you want to use your skills to work with us to fulfill our mission? Do you want to get started in your profession by combining the challenges of working for an international company with the prospect of having a rewarding long-term career?

Hanwha Q CELLS offers a variety of employment opportunities:

Strategy/Business development

We are, on the one hand, a unique company with unique employees, but, on the other, we are not alone. The Strategy/Business Development observes our competitors in the photovoltaics industry and carries out market analyses for the exploitation of new business markets and locations. In order for us to achieve more together, it takes over interests, the creation of business plans and the carrying out of contract negotiations from management. The extension of our international network ensures that we are able to continue to create a success story worldwide.


Only those that organise themselves perfectly can create perfect products. This counts for the machines in the production line and the coordination of all suppliers as much as for our employees. The Planning/Organisation Departments enable optimal implementation, ensure that every piece of information arrives exactly where it is needed. Thus our every action leads to the perfect solar product.


Production process, material, manufacturing procedure: we research and work intensively in every technological field in order to promote our company. Here physicists, chemists and mineralogists come together – all professions that have a scientific link to solar technology. Add to this engineers of various disciplines – as process technicians, researchers and technical developers.


We create great success from many ideas: In six production lines and in a four shift operation we manufacture our high-performance solar cells and modules. Management, technicians, employees in servicing and facility operators work in production. Facility operators are often mechatronic engineers or chemical workers but also former office workers or sales staff. With training a sideways entry is possible here.


Only those that organise themselves perfectly can create perfect products. This counts for the machines in the production line and the coordination of all suppliers as much as for our employees. We enable them to optimally implement them, ensure that every piece of information arrives exactly where it is needed. Thus our every action leads to the perfect solar cell.

Quality management

Before our solar cells and modules leave Hanwha Q CELLS in optimum condition the quality management team ensures faultless preliminary results and the perfect cooperation of all work processes all along the entire value creation chain. Thus we ensure that not only our visions but also their implementation inspire the world: We have become world leader with our high quality claim.


Our employees in this area bring our products and ideas into the world. They ensure the creation of new markets as well as the sales of the entire product range of the company, conduct market analyses, define new distribution concepts and market strategies and negotiate long-term supply contracts.


Our company is growing and so is our name. The employees in our marketing department are responsible for the development and for the expansion of our brand. Their duties contain the development and implementation of the marketing strategy. Some concrete tasks in our marketing department include image campaigns, product advertising, media planning and trade fair /event management, as well as different analyses and benchmarks.


Communication is everything, in both the global market as well as in the company and for decision makers on the political and economic stage. Our employees in the area of PR/Communication therefore have a wide variety of tasks: planning and implementing internal and external communication measures, developing of sponsoring projects, editing of business and quarter reports as well as the maintenance of contacts with media and political decision makers.

Human Resources

We want the best: talented individuals who have as much drive as we do. That's why we need people in our HR department who think outside the box – who move beyond classical searches to use rather unconventional actions like our annual recruitment event. Our HR employees are involved in all kinds of questions and duties concerning employee relations.

We support the ambitions of our employees: With the specially developed, individualized training courses and career development programs in our Hanwha Q CELLS Academy, we strengthen both our competitive edge and our own know-how.

Information Technology

Our IT experts ensure that all DP-assisted processes work seamlessly – without restrictions, every day, around the clock. Because innovative products also require innovative software and hardware. The formula for success is communication and productive networking. Particularly for the IT area.


We need much more than "just" good ideas for our products: Our employees in the general purchasing department make sure that we have the raw materials, supplies and services we need. They also take care of supplier management around the world and conduct company – wide price negotiations, making sure that our efficiency is always on the rise.

When new plants or production lines appear out of nowhere, this is impressive – and it requires good oversight and logistical magic. Our employees in capital goods purchasing take care of putting together construction services around the world as well as acquiring machines and systems for the entire company.

The Strategic Purchasing ensures that we can keep going at full speed. This department identifies suitable raw material suppliers, conducts price negotiations and makes sure that we get the most out of supply contracts. It also takes care of preparations for the purchasing activities of individual international company locations.

Project Management

Many processes occur quickly and simultaneously here. As an expanding company, we are faced with completely new situations worldwide. Project management ensures that we take our chances. It controls the construction of new buildings and optimises the cooperation with suppliers. Thus, it is ensured that we responsibly and enthusiastically meet our targets even at the fastest pace.

Product Management

Our products are our customer's yield guarantee. In order to keep up this standard,our Product Management makes sure that Q CELLS products are continually improving. These employees keep an eye on the market and the competition, judge innovations, and accompany new developments from the initial idea to their appearance on the market. In doing so, they never lose sight of their goal: finding the optimal solution for our customers!

System division

In addition to high-performance solar cells and solar modules, crystalline and thin-film solar modules, Hanwha Q CELLS product portfolio also includes complete photovoltaic systems for residential, commercial/industrial and utility use.

Our project leaders, project engineers and construction leaders in this division work closely together in teams of international experts on project development, financing, construction planning, acquisition, project realization as well as O&M. The results are high-performance, long-lasting PV systems with high quality components and reliable service.


We assume responsibility. For our environment, customers, employees and shareholders.



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