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Personal Information Protection Policy

1.Purpose and scope of personal information we collect
  • 1.1Hanwha Solutions Co., Ltd. (Hanwha Q CELLS, the Company) values the personal information of customers, visitors and other users of related websites accessible from the Company’s website [www.q-cells.com]. In addition, the Company complies with laws and regulations related to personal information, e.g. the 'Act on Promotion of Information and Communications Network Utilization and Information Protection, etc.' and the ‘Personal Information Protection Act' of Korea. This Policy encompasses matters relating to the Company’s handling of personal information to protect personal information of customers. Use of the service may be restricted should you disagree to our Privacy Policy. However, even if you refuse collection and use of optional items, the use of the service is not restricted.
2.Personal information collection
  • 2.1While operating our website, the Company collects personally identifiable information, such as customer name, gender, phone number/mobile phone number, email address, electricity usage, company information, and all other necessary information related to the use of our website to provide our services through online forms, such as user registration, online newsletter subscription, and consultation request (“Personally Identifiable Information”).
  • 2.2For internal statistical purposes, the Company collects and handles non-identifying personal information (e.g. IP address, cookies, log records and web analysis – hereinafter referred as “Non-Identifying Personal Information”), prevents illegal and unauthorized use, responds to complaints when customers visit the Company’s website or otherwise uses the website in order to ensure permanent system security and stability and optimize services through the we
3.Purpose of using personal information
  • 3.1The Company may collect and use Personally Identifiable Information to verify your identity, to process your requests through its website, to provide you with additional information about the Company’s information, products and services, and to respond to your inquiries.
  • 3.3The Company may disclose Personally Identifiable Information and Non-Identifying Personal Information (collectively “Personal Information”) in limited situations described below:
    • Required due to a subpoena or court order under the applicable laws and regulations
    • In order to comply with legal procedures required by the Company or its parent company, subsidiaries, and affiliates
    • To protect users of the website, property or rights of other users
    • To protect safety of users of the website in emergencies
4.Sharing of Personal information
  • 4.1In order to provide you with operational services (Including, but not limited to, processing and fulfilling requests, providing product or solution information, providing customer service, maintaining website, analyzing data, and communicating with customers), the Company may share personal information with service providers, agents or independent contractors (collectively "third parties"). The Company will use its best effort to prevent any third parties without a commission contract with the Company from using your Personally Identifiable Information for purposes other than the aforementioned purpose. Should you not want access to your information by third parties, do not register or submit personal information.
  • 4.2When the Company shares your Personal Information with third parties, your information is handled in accordance with the documents containing the following information:
    ① Prohibition of personal information handling other than for the purpose of performing commissioned businesses
    ② Managerial and technical protection measures for personal information
    ③ Safety management of personal information
    ④ Purpose and scope of commissioned businesses
    ⑤ Restrictions on re-commission
    ⑥ Measures to secure safety of personal information
    ⑦ Supervision, e.g. reviewing management status of retained personal information in connection with commissioned businesses
    ⑧ Liability for damages in case any third parties violate compliance responsibilities
  • 4.3Commission of personal information
    The Company consigns personal information handling as below, for efficient operation performance and strives for safe management and handling between consigned operations.
    - Consignment work: Collection and management of online inquiries
    - Consignment vendors: Frameout, Yellow Finger
5.Personal information handling and retention period
  • 5.1The Company will retain personal information within the retention period according to the law or the retention period for which the user is notified of and agrees upon during collection of personal information.
  • 5.1.1Subscription and management of homepage: Your personal information is managed until your withdrawal from the website, except in the following cases, where it is retained until the end of the corresponding reasons:
    • If an enquiry or investigation in violation of relevant laws is in progress, until the enquiry or investigation is completed.
    • In the case of remaining bonds and debts due the use of the website, until settlement of relevant bonds or debt relations
  • 5.1.2Provision of commodities or services: Until completion of commodities/services supply and payment/settlement of fees. However, in cases of the following reasons, provision will last until the end of the period:
    • Records on payment and commodity supply, etc.: Five years (the Act on Consumer Protection in Electronic Commerce, etc.)
    • Record on handling of consumer complaints or disputes: Three years (the Act on Consumer Protection in Electronic Commerce, etc.)
  • 5.1.3Data confirming user's communication, e.g. Internet log records: Three/12 months (the Protection of Communications Secret Act)
  • 5.2Personal information deletion
    • Delete procedure
      Information you entered for the use of services is stored for a certain period and deleted according to information protection policy pursuant to the Company’s internal policies and other related laws after purpose is achieved (4. Personal information handling and retention period).
    • Method of deletion
      Information you entered for the use of services is stored for a certain period and deleted according to information protection policy pursuant to the Company’s internal policies and other related laws after purpose is achieved (4. Personal information handling and retention period).
6.International transfer of personal information
  • 6.1Your Personal Identifiable Information and Non-Identifiable Personal Information may be stored and handled in accordance with applicable local laws in any country where the Company has facilities or contracts with service providers. Some countries may not apply the same information protection laws as the country in which the information was originally provided. Using this website, you are agreeing to transfer your Personal Identifiable Information and Non-Identifiable Personal Information to a country other than that in which you live.
7.Information protection and data security
  • The Company will maintain reasonable safety devices and precautions in order to protect your Personally Identifiable Information against mishandling, loss, unauthorized access, stealing, leakage, falsification or tampering. The Company complies with industry regulations in order to protect the Personally Identifiable Information provided, transferred or retained. The Company is committed to protect your Personal Information. However, please take measures to safely protect your Personal Information from potential security vulnerabilities that may arise while transferring your Personal Information to the Company.
8.Changes to privacy policy
  • 8.1Where necessary, the Company may change its privacy policy, and any changes to the privacy policy will take effect at the time of posting on this website. This privacy policy is subject to change due to modification of relevant laws or policies of the Company. The Company will post a notice on our website to notify you of significant changes to the privacy policy and indicate the date of the most recent update on the top of the notice.
9.Rights and obligations of you and your legal representatives, and how to execute such rights and obligations
  • 9.1Right to request for access to Personal Information
    • You and your legal representatives may request access to your Personal Information provided to the Company.
    • The Company will make Personal Information available to you within 10 days after your request for the access. If there is a legitimate reason for the Company to not allow the access, you may be notified of the reason and the access may be postponed. If such reason no longer exists, you will be allowed to have the access without delay.
    • The Company may notify you of the reason and restrict or refuse access to information in the case of any of the following:
      ① Access is prohibited or restricted by law
      ② Risk to life or bodily injury, or concern about unfairly infringing property and interests of others
  • 9.2Right to request amendment and deletion of personal information
    • You or your legal representatives may request the Company for the amendment or deletion of your Personal Information. However, if Personal Information is subject to retention according to law, you cannot request for the deletion of such Personal Information.
    • Should you request an amendment or deletion of your Personal Information, the Company will immediately notify you of the results after performing necessary measures, such as amendment or deletion, except where special procedures are stipulated in the relevant laws and regulations.
    • If you request an amendment of errors in Personal Information, the Personal Information will not be used or provided until amendment is completed.
    • If incorrect Personal Information has already been provided to a third party, the Company will take measures to amend such Personal Information by notifying the third party of the amendment result without delay.
    • The Company takes all necessary measures to prevent recovery or reproduction when deleting your Personal Information.
    • Where necessary, the Company may request for you to submit evidence necessary to confirm your amendment or deletion request.
  • 9.3Right to request restriction of processing personal information
    • You and legal representatives may request the Company to restrict the processing of your Personal Information.
    • If you request for such restriction, the Company will immediately stops its processing of Personal Information, either completely or partially. However, in the following cases, the Company may reject such restriction request from you.
      ① If there are special regulations in relevant laws or it is inevitable to comply with the statutory obligations
      ② Risk to life or bodily injury, or concern about unfairly infringing property and interests of others
      ③ If it is difficult to carry out an employment contract between you and the Company without processing the Personal Information, and you did not express clear intention of terminating such contract.
  • 9.4How to request for the access to personal information/amendment/deletion/suspension of Personal Information
    • For making inquiries or amendments in regard to Personal Information, or for termination of subscription (withdrawal of consent), you may contact the department in charge of privacy policy (provided below) and request for appropriate action to access/amend/delete.
  • 9.5Collection of personal information of children under 14 years old
    • The Company does not collect personal information from children under 14 years old.
  • 10.1For all privacy policy related inquiries, complaint handling, remedy for damages, and other related issues that arise from using the Company’s services (or businesses), you may contact us by email at q-cells-Australia@q-cells.com. The Company will respond to your inquiries, or handle the issue, without any delay.

    Version Number: V.1

    Date: December 9, 2020

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