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Your way to Solar Electricity

There's nothing magic about operating your own photovoltaic facility. Our competent Hanwha Q CELLS partners make it fast and easy to get up and running as an energy producer.

Becoming a power producer step by step

Setting up your own photovoltaic system is not witchcraft. With the help of our competent
Hanwha Q CELLS partners you can become a power producer without great effort in a very short time.

Take advantage of our comprehensive information, competent advice and professional implementation to install your own photovoltaic system.

Ten steps towards a sunny future

1. Information

Learn about our products and those of our partners as well.

2. Consulting

Take advantage of the wealth of expertise available from our competent Hanwha Q CELLS partners to find out about the specific properties and requirements of your roof.

3. Financing

Talk with your accountant or banker about individual financing models and tax benefits (low subsidised loans are available in some cases).

4. Installation

Commission the Hanwha Q CELLS partner of choice to set up your solar system. Installation only takes a few days and does not involve major inconvenience.

5. Registration

Register your system with the Federal Grid Agency.

6. Service

Contact your Hanwha Q CELLS partner for service. They are responsible for servicing the connection and reviewing the equipment for acceptance with the responsible power utility.

7. VAT reimbursement

Please consult with your local inland revenue office about an official tax number so that you can receive reimbursement for your VAT payments. Necessary documents: Connection certificate from the power utility and receipt for the system.

8. Insurance

Please send a copy of the invoice to your banker if you have used a loan to make the purchase. Don't forget to insure the system against any potential failures, such as due to extreme weather.

9. Guarantee

Arrange for your installation contractor to register your system with Q CELLS. This ensures faster technical service and a full guarantee period of 25 years.

10. Secure yields

Earn money over the long term through feed-in payments while also enjoying a secure source of electricity for the decades to come.

Do you need additional information? Contact us directly.


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Do you need additional information? Contact us directly.



Hanwha Q CELLS designs and creates individual complete solutions. And we find the solution that suits you.


Solar modules

It doesn't matter which module series you decide on: you are promised the highest level of efficiency and yields!