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Why is investment in solar energy such a solid move? We provide answers.

Photovoltaics: Turning sunlight into electricity

Solar cells are connected to form solar modules for a high-performance and efficient solar array. Several of these modules are combined and installed on your roof with mounting systems. The direct current generated by the solar module is converted into alternating current by a power inverter and can be utilized directly, stored in batteries or fed into the grid.

Three good reasons for a residential solar system

Our energy needs are constantly rising – at the same time fossil energy resources, such as oil coal and uranium, are dwindling, a trend that makes itself felt in drastic increases in electricity prices. So it’s high time to focus on another source of energy to secure our power supply for the future that is reliable, environmentally friendly and inexpensive: The sun.

1. Cost effectiveness

The best part: Many countries have lucrative policies in place to reward the generation of environmentally friendly solar energy, such as Germany's 'Einspeisevergütung' legislation that stipulates the price to be paid for each kilowatt of energy fed back into the grid. Germans are guaranteed the opportunity to sell the solar energy they produce directly to their local energy utility, earning money for years covered in the law.

2. Independence

Your own consumption is also rewarded – twice. On the one hand you cut your expenses directly, since electricity that you produce yourself no longer has to be purchased from an external utility. In addition, the solar electricity that you produce for yourself is also remunerated at minimally 10.13 cents per kilowatt hour. On average, you'll earn at least 30 cents per kilowatt hour, securing your own energy supply and making yourself independent as well. Unlike fossil fuels, the sun is available to all and isn't subject to the whims of profiteering.

3. Sustainability

When you opt for a solar facility, you're drawing on an energy source with tremendous potential: In the long term as much as 25% of Germany's electricity consumption could be covered by solar energy. Entirely without CO2, nuclear waste or environmental pollution. In 2009 alone renewable energies produced savings of roughly 8 bn euros and eliminated the pollution and environmental damage that would otherwise have arisen through the burning of fossil fuels.

As you can see: When you install your own solar facility, you are producing clean energy, protecting the environment, conserving resources, securing the future for yourself and your children, and earning money on top of it. So what are you still waiting for?

Why Hanwha Q CELLS?

After its establishment in 1999 Hanwha Q CELLS developed into the biggest manufacturer of solar cells within a few years. On the basis of our core competence, the production of solar cells, we have expanded our range of products and services step by step to include modules and systems. We know that only high-quality modules with the best technologies can become reliable energy suppliers, thus making our customers successful electricity producers. That’s why our focus is always on innovation – so we can meet our customers’ expectations of reliable solar modules with a guaranteed yield.

  • The modules are the fundamental components of a high performance rooftop solar system. They are the elements that convert light into electricity. Their efficiency levels dictate how much electricity they yield. Q CELLS modules are among the most efficient and most durable on the market. Our catalogue of products covers almost any conceivable requirement.
  • Q CELLS modules are the only modules on the market offering the Q CELLS Yield Security. This includes e.g. the Anti PID Technology against power loss caused by potential-induced degradation, Hot-Spot Protect for crystalline modules against Hot-Spots which might cause module fire as well as the Additional Power Boost for CIGS modules allowing for up to 15 % additional power after installation.
  • Hanwha Q CELLS draws on years of experience in the field. Our technicians ensure the best possible utilisation of your roofs. Whether designing a system for your car park, installations parallel to a flat roof, facades or BIPV variants, Hanwha Q CELLS offers the optimal solution at affordable prices.


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How photovoltaics works

Sunlight becomes electrical energy. The conversion takes place inside the solar cells – and the electricity starts flowing immediately.