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Our testing criteria ─ worldwide best standard

Hanwha Q CELLS solar cells undergo an automated manufacturing process starting with the incoming inspection of the silicon wafers through to final inspection and testing. This allows us to produce solar cells with efficiencies of over 19 %. Our entire production process is constantly monitored and optimised. Every product is subject to the most comprehensive quality inspection procedures and undergoes unique testing measures that we have developed together with industry partners. Our inspection criteria have come to set global standards.

Item Test criteria Goal Benefits
1 Mechanical stability Avoiding surface damage and bending; compliance with specified cell thickness tolerances Minimising of breakage risk during further processing, improved appearance of the solar cell front
2 Current testing at 0.5 V / 25 °C; 1000 W/m², AM 1.5 Avoiding mismatch of modules under standardised conditions Higher module energy output
3 Current testing at 0.5 V / 25 °C; 500 W/m², AM 1.5 Optimised cell output on module level under low light conditions Increased annual energy yields under central European operating conditions
4 Shunt resistance testing Optimised cell output on module level in low light conditions Increased annual energy yield under central European operating conditions
5 Reverse current analysis Avoiding Hot-Spot effects on module level Safety and durability for reliable energy yield
6 Very narrow efficiency class tolerances (+0.2 % / -0 % absolute) Significantly reducing module mismatch and stabilizing Gaussian distribution of modules Higher module output, reproducible production processes
7 Visual inspection with sorting into two predefined colour categories Improved module appearance Improved homogeneity and visual aesthetics

Scientific progress ─ in practise

We implement scientific progress to push the technological envelope. This is how we ensure that our innovations are always ahead of the curve. That applies for both our products and our manufacturing processes. From the delivery of the silicon wafers to the final QA inspection, the manufacturing process is fully automated from start to finish. And thanks to the presence of more than 200 technologists, scientists and engineers at Hanwha Q CELLS, our production lines frequently feature innovations developed in conjunction with our equipment manufacturers.

We are continuously investing in the development of new solar technologies. We also maintain close exchange programmes with universities and research institutions to ensure that we're working on the cutting edge. In 2009 we opened the Rainer Lemoine Research Centre. Our cooperation partners include top German and international research centres such as the Fraunhofer Institute for Solar Energy Systems (ISE) in Freiburg, the Institute for Solar Energy Research (ISFH) in Hamelin, the Fraunhofer Center for Silicon Photovoltaics (CSP) in Halle, the Energy Research Centre of the Netherlands (ECN), the Helmholtz Centre in Berlin and the University of Constance.

Our current schedule of projects includes research into increased efficiency and cost reductions. We are developing solar cells using cost-efficient silicon. We are also researching ultra high performance cells and back-contact solar cells as well as seeking to improve the passivation and contacts on monocrystalline and multicrystalline solar cells. The insights we gain are directly to the production – for and with our partners.

Successful examples of this continuous fundamental research are the new standards for solar cells that would not exist without our work. The development of new cell concepts is one of our company's hallmarks. We work constantly on greater throughput, optimised formats, increased quality, reduced resource consumption and better efficiencies.

One vital aspect of manufacturing is stringent quality controls – to ensure that we deliver high-quality products geared to customers’ needs and to meet our partners’ high standards. All sides stand to benefit from the progress made by Hanwha Q CELLS, not least our partners and the environment as well.


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