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Q.CELLS solar roadshow 2011

The concept

A further highlight of the new Q.CELLS partner program PRO-MAP begins with the Solar Roadshow on 04.07.2011! Q.CELLS is organising this event to present the new product portfolio to its wholesalers and engineers. Designed in-house and fitted with a presentation and training room, the truck is spending the next three months not only touring Germany, but also Italy, Austria, Switzerland, Belgium and France.

The Colani truck

The truck was designed by Luigi Colani and combines futuristic elements with an aerodynamic design. This means it saves up to 25% on fuel compared to regular articulated lorries. The truck thereby represents the demands of technological leadership, progress and environmental compatibility of Q.CELLS.

The last stop in Italy was to be another very special highlight of the young roadshow. Our customer 3 Italia invited its engineers and the Q.CELLS team including the event truck to the Villa Tacchi.

This stately home from the 17th century is located not far from Vicenza in a very rural setting, where 3 Italia has its headquarters. The last truck presentation in Italy took place here, before a wonderful backdrop and with summer temperatures. With heavy hearts we bade our Italian colleagues farewell who, after the success of the last weeks, have already received many requests for further training presentations.

On 22.07. the Solar Roadshow will continue in Germany.

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06.07.2011: Test Srl

Our next stop led us to central Italy. On 06.07.2011 we made a stop at our partner TEST ENERGIA in Sant Andrea delle Fratte near Perugia.

Despite a temperature of 35°C, all 30 participants intently listened to the presentation by our trainer Davide de Pieri and enriched the event with an animated question and answer session. The TEST ENERGIA Sales Manager – Dritan Kapaj – enthusiastically supported our trainer and made a very positive closing speech on the Q.CELLS products. The participants not only expressed their interest with questions and diligent note taking but also gave the speakers a very decent round of applause at the end of the training! We ended the evening with TEST SRL with a dinner together.

Our path is slowly taking us northwards to Vicenza – our last stop in Italy.

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05.07.2011: Energy Resources S.p.A.

On 05.07.2011 our solar truck led us to the small town of Jesi and our partner Energy Resources.

The town in the province of Ancona, not far from the port of the same name, is a truly beautiful and dreamy little place. No sooner had we arrived at our partner Energy Resources did we notice our Q.SMART modules, attached to the facades of the office building. Carports housing electric cars are located on the green area next to the office building. This is the way a PV company should be!

It remained dry despite a forecast storm. Under a slightly overcast sky, but therefore with a pleasant temperature, the event went off without a hitch. Even the relatively challenging business game was solved practically without error which was mainly thanks to the high participation of Energy Resources employees in project planning. After the successful day we were able to relax and enjoy the evening together with our local colleagues with a glass of wine and a bite to eat.

We are a little sad to be leaving Jesi but are also looking forward to tomorrow's visit to Sant Andrea delle Fratte.

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04.07.2011: Coenergia Srl

On 04.07.2011 the Q.CELLS truck stopped at our customer Bondeno di Gonzaga (Mantua), Italy – our first stop as part of the Q.CELLS Solar Roadshow 2011.

To our surprise, a second Q.CELLS truck parked up next to the solar truck: a lorry load of new Q.CELLS modules directly from Thalheim. This did not stop us from receiving the first participants together with our partner COENERGIA SRL amid glorious 30 degree weather, sunshine and beautiful blue skies.

Around 50 engineers participated in the product training and were not only rather impressed by the Colani truck. They showed a great deal of interest in the products and the corresponding business games. Our Italian trainer Davide De Pieri truly did a good job and was exhaustively questioned about every new product feature by the inquisitive participants.

After a successful day the truck is moving on to Jesi (Ancona) where we hope to leave behind happy partners and contented participants there too!

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15.08.2011: AE PHOTONICS GMBH & CO. KG

The Solar truck visited our customer AE Photonics for the second time this summer. This time the roadshow took place in Dresden.

The Colani semitrailer was already admired and repeatedly photographed upon arrival in the center of Dresden. The truck was located on the well-known Schillerplatz which attracted more than a few onlookers.

Due to the good choice of location and support by AE Photonics training was carried out as usual in the truck and end customers were consulted outside. After a successful day's training and lunch together, the customers continued onto a guided tour of the city.

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09.08.2011: AE PHOTONICS GMBH & CO. KG

On 09.08. we continued on towards the Alps. The mountain scenery lay before us and showed us the way to Kempten in the beautiful Allgäu.

The Waldhorn, a country inn, was our target where AE Photonics greeted us. Here we made camp and setup our truck. The view was of neighboring houses with solar systems on their roofs with a backdrop of green mountains and, sadly, once again a very overcast sky. Thankfully the clouds opened up over the course of the day and gave us radiant sunshine and perfect weather for our solar slushies!

Naturally we were greeted with curiosity by all the hotel's guests over the entire afternoon. Passing vehicles slowed down or even stopped, men got out and couldn't resist having their photo taken in front of the cab by their colleagues. Once again a highlight of our Solar truck!

After a successful training session and a deserved coffee break in the country inn we continued with the second round. In our scheduled game there was once again a head-to-head race between the two groups. A participant from the second group – who later became the happy winner of the day – bestowed the second group with the day's victory with his outstanding explanation during the quiz. After a successful conclusion our partner invited us to have a meal in the country inn and we brought the evening to an end together.

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We made our next stop on 08.08. at our partner RenoSolar in Sauerlach near Munich.

The weather was, as had become commonplace this summer, very unsettled. Therefore, we endured rain whilst setting up the truck and the sun only came out again in the evening. Two very dynamic RenoSolar installers supported us in the setup of the truck which allowed us to do so in record time. Thanks very much for that! After an informative talk by our trainer Nuno Assis, many questions and interesting discussions, we were invigorated by a hearty Bavarian buffet before going into the games round. Both groups really went for it in our planned game. As both groups were equally good, the next game was to be the decider. And decide it did. This time we had a happy lady winner who was very pleased about the soccer tickets for a home game of BVB Dortmund and her husband even more so. The disassembly went by in no time and to celebrate the boss provided a case of Tegernseer beer – to a successful day

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05.08.2011: Vaillant Group Austria GmbH

As the Q.CELLS team arrived at Vaillant in the morning the Vaillant bunny was already sat on the roof next to the Solar truck. We were expected with anticipation and were looking forward to the day as the bright sunshine and warm temperatures made for a good omen.

Similar to the day before, lots of Vaillant customers showed up and the truck was once again fully occupied. After breakfast together all the participants gradually entered the truck and intently listened to the welcome by Vaillant and the informative talk by the Q.CELLS trainer. After all questions had been answered the participants were able to get to know one another at lunch and exchange experiences.

In the afternoon the casual atmosphere was playfully enriched by the diverse quiz games and communicated the information learned in the morning in a fun way. Fully exerted and highly motivated to be the best team, everyone gave their best to win the quiz.

The team wistfully said goodbye on the one hand to Austria and its wonderful hospitality and on the other to one another, breaking up for a well-earned weekend.

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After two successful weeks of the roadshow in Germany, on 04.08. it moved on to neighboring Austria.

The Q.CELLS team made the 650 km trip and arrived exhausted at Vaillant in Graz. We were fittingly greeted with the traditional 'Grüß Gott' salutation and an Almdudler ginger ale. Invigorated and strengthened, the setup of the truck flew by without any problems and all was ready for the next morning.

Many Vaillant partners had travelled from all over Austria in order to experience the training and the truck itself. Due to the large number of participants the games took a little longer than usual, which did not, however, dampen the motivation of any of the participants. The happy winner of the games was pleased about the tickets to the BVB soccer game and chose the game against SV Werder Bremen.

Our partner Vaillant provided the customers and the crew with ever more food and drinks which rounded off an already very pleasant atmosphere. After the end of the event we deconstructed together with Vaillant and moved on to Linz, where the next Q.CELLS training session is taking place on 05.08.

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02.08.2011: Roto Sunroof GmbH & Co. KG

After a short, but restorative weekend for the team, we all arrived at Roto in Bad Mergentheim in a highly motivated mood. Our Colani truck had already been parked on site the night before and had been found and admired by much of the population of Bad Mergentheim in the mean time.

As we arrived on site that morning at around 7.30 am several locals were already at the truck and were taking plenty of photos. The sun was shining in the blue sky and 82 degrees had been forecast for the day: there could not be a better outlook!

After a seamless setup the first training session started punctually at 10 am. The invitation to our event was taken up by 31 interested participants that squeezed into the truck and were spellbound by our trainer right from the first minute. At the end of the event all the participants rushed to the solar bar and cooled off with cold drinks.

Likely due to the rising temperatures there were slightly fewer participants in the second round of training, which, after the initial disappointment, turned into a very productive event. The small group was satisfied and a very fruitful dialogue was created right from the start that had to be moderated by the Q.CELLS trainer.

As the sun slowly set on the idyllic mountain countryside we began to deconstruct the truck with the dynamic support of Roto. All Q.CELLS employees were congratulated by our partner on a successful event and, as thanks, received a bottle of red wine from the company's own vineyard. Thank you very much, Roto!

29.07.2011: Photovoltaics by a professional

On 29.07. we made an appearance at an event in Straubing that was outside of our training schedule.

Enerix and Q.CELLS created an information day event for end customers on the topic of 'Photovoltaics by a professional'. All interested parties were welcomed in the Q.CELLS solar truck and advised all about the topic of photovoltaics. Along with Q.CELLS a local bank partner was also involved which meant the financial advice was covered. Apart from the competition, which was drawn by Enerix, our frozen drinks from the solar-powered slushy machine was the delicacy of the day.

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28.07.2011: Enerix Alternative Energietechnik GmbH & Co KG

We made further stop, this time at our partner Enerix in Nittendorf.

It was the first time summer did not abandon us and we were able to set up our truck in the sunshine. We had a day full of different activities in front of us. We started with our 2-hour training course for Enerix installers and partners. The extremely interested public asked a lot of interposed questions which means that our trainer Nuno Assis and our Production Application Engineer Daniel Binder were in great demand. After the comprehensive presentation, all participants were able to enjoy the Bavarian buffet in order to regain their strength before going on to the management game and quiz. Taking part paid off: the lucky winner got 2 tickets to the Borussia Dortmund home game against FC Bayern Munich.

The sun stayed with us until the closing group photos, then it sadly left us and gave way to the rain. But this did not stop almost 60 interested end customers from storming the truck from 6 pm. Our partner Enerix had advertised the event with end customer in the local press. This really paid off. Our Solar Truck was jam-packed. People listened intently to the presentation by our trainer and were informed about Q.CELLS and our products. We then patiently answered all questions. After the end of the presentation in the truck, Enerix employees were available in their premises to provide further information and consultations.

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26.07.2011: Enerix Lizenzpartner Schumacher-Braun Systemhaus GmbH & Co. KG

Our second stop in Germany was in Gummersbach with our partner Enerix. Despite another rainy day we did not let this discourage us and dedicated the day entirely to the sun. Our solar truck was only one of the many highlights of the solar party, which was the focus of the motto “Experience solar energy” at the Gründer- und Technologiezentrum in Windhagen/Gummersbach.

The day started with a panel discussion on the subject of “Renewable energies and the possibilities of photovoltaics in the Oberberg district” followed by a public discussion. Participants included the North-Rhine Westphalian Environment Minister Johannes Remmel, spokesman for the district council faction BÜNDNIS 90/DIE GRÜNEN, Dipl. Ing. Michael Braun, Managing Director Enerix Alternative Energietechnik Bergisches Land as well as Oliver Beckel responsible for Public Affairs at Q-Cells SE. Participants formed a very harmonious circle because they all agreed on the opportunities and potential of photovoltaics and thus even supported the 100 roofs solar program without exception. The program, which is supported by Environment Minister of North Rhine Westfalia, has the goal of equipping at least 100 roofs in the Oberberg district this year in addition to a PV system.

After the panel discussion a lecture was held for end customers and interested parties on the topic of planning, financing and commissioning solar systems, and secondly, Q.CELLS conducted a training session for around 20-25 participants in the solar truck in the morning and afternoon. The audience was a good mix and consisted of fitters, roof specialists as well as interested end customers who shone with outstanding expertise. It was a successful day all-round for all participants, who at the end were even rewarded with a few rays of sun.

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22.07.2011: Solar-Dacheinkauf GmbH & Co. KG - Dachdecker-Einkauf Süd eG

For our first stop in Germany on 22.7.2011 we drove to Gröbenzell near Munich. Our partner Dachdeckereinkauf Süd is based here and provided us with a nice little spot on their premises.

In the pouring rain, really miserable weather, we set up the truck and unfortunately had to greet the first German guests to the truck tour in the rain. This did not cause a great deal of concern for the fitters who are extremely resilient. Our catering tent provided a friendly atmosphere for our guests to drink welcome coffee.

Full of drive we started our training, which received an excellent response with attentive listening, active note-taking and inquiries. Our trainer, Nuno Assis and our Product Application, Engineer Thomas Taubert stood for two hours to answer all questions and they were able to satisfy the thirst for knowledge of the 22 participants.

After a well-deserved, very delicious Bavarian lunch break consisting of meat salad and meat loaf the second round commenced. Participants should been able to deepen the knowledge acquired and put it to practical use through business games and a quiz. Participants were able to collects points. So it really got going in our model house. There were lively discussions and gesticulations as well as an exchange of expertise. Unfortunately only one can carry the victory home. The winner did this happily and satisfied with two tickets for a top national league game.

During the day we talked so much about solar energy that the sun came out now and then. So we were able to take a joint farewell photo in front of the truck as a good reminder of a successful day.

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